Woolly bird's nest made by Lovespool using British wool remnants.  Handspun super chunky wool singles, tightly crocheted to make the perfect little nest for a bird.  Just tuck in a hedge or shrub, nestle into the crook of tree branches, or tuck under outbuilding eaves, and your local birds will be very grateful.

Made using a variety of undyed, natural fleece.  These houses come in a variety of colours: currently available in dark brown, mid brown, caramel and pale grey (with orange marker).


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Wool Bird's Nest

  • Please note: the fleece used is only soaked to clean not washed not using any detergent since it may be harmful to the wildlife.  This lightest of cleaning also leaves some natural weather resistance to the birdhouse in the form of lanolin that is naturally found in the wool. The nest may contain very small pieces of straw etc and have a slightly sheepy smell; best recommended for use outdoors for real birds!!