These sea glass pendants are part of Seapig's ABSOLUTE RUBBISH collection!!  Every element of this item is recycled/upcycled in some way.  The sea glass is white glass collected from the shores of Anglesey whilst carrying out beach-cleaning, and the colour that is seen through the glass is created by the addition of a layer of plastic/foil rubbish that we also retrived from the shore.  We just love the way that rubbish and polluting items can be removed from the environment and used to create these beautiful pieces of jewellery! 

The silver in these pendant bezels is also eco/recycled silver and so you can wear these items in the knowledge that you are supporting various planet-friendly practices.  They are also great conversation starters; to have those important discussions about pollution, plastic rubbish and how we might all change our consumer habits to be a little more environmentally conscious.  


A really striking piece of white sea glass, combined with a weathered Fanta drinks bottle plastic sleeve, set in a custom, handmade sterling silver bezel and available on a sterling silver snakechain, with 5 length options: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24".  The piece of glass is approximately 15mm long and 10mm wide at widest.


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Sea Glass and Beach Rubbish Pendant

  • The colour in this pendant has been created by the addition of beach rubbish to a piece of white sea glass.   The rubbish is weathered and as such there may be slight changes in colour shade throughout the bezel.  We think this adds to the uniqueness, and we hope you like this slightly marbling effect.

    The chain is sterling silver and hallmarked.  All components of the bezel are sterling silver but this item has not hallmarked because it is well below the weight boundary meaning that the regulations allowing this to be sold without a hallmark.

    We therefore sell this item without hallmarks to keep the cost down for us customers, but please do contact us if you would like this item sending to the assay office for hallmarks, for an additional cost (approx £5); we are more than happy to do this.