Large handmade salt pigs, perfect to adorn any kitchen worktop, created by The Crafty Guillemot.  Each piggie is individual and slighytly different.  These beautiful pieces are stoneware and are wheel-thrown, and are a mixtures of ocean blue and hazy glazes.  These are large mugs that are approximately 115mm diameter and 75mm high.

These salt pigs can either be purchased on their own to be used with a scoop or spoon you already have, or you can add a beautifully hand-carved salt scoop, crafted by Ynys Twca from a variety of wood remnants, left over from other carving projects that Huw is working on.  Each scoop is hand-carved and each is different.  There are currently 3 wood types to choose from: Cherry, Spalted Beech and Laburnum.  Scoops are between 120-130mm and are +£7.


Both Lillemor and Huw use traditional and low environmental impact techniques, and ethical materials.


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Handmade Salt Pig & optional Hand-Carved Scoop

  • Each item is crafted and glazed by hand, and as such each is slightly different.

    The wooden scoops have been finished with a food-safe nut oil.  Please note this if you have any nut alergies.