These amazing artisan spice kits created by Spice Trove are a real delight; not only because of the love and attention that has gone into the spice blends themselves, but also because the spices are contained within biodegradable bags and presented in a beautiful, handmade, upcycled saree material pouch that is a reusable gift also!  The menu cards are also made from the fine offcuts from the t-shirt industry that are usually disgarded, but that have been repurposed into a card type pulp, so this a really great way to create a beautifully, exotic meal in a sustainable way, without all the plastic that often accompanies a take-away meal.

This North Indian korma kit creates an indulgent curry made with coconut and cardamom, spiced not for heat but for delectable flavour. This one is just like a curry house korma, thanks to the addition of coconut powder - the not-so-secret ingredient!  This is presented as a chicken dish, but feel free to replace the chicken with your other favourite meat/fish, or paneer or your favourite veg.

Each saree pouch is individually made and as such colours and designs will vary. This latest batch of this variety are available in gold/bronze designs.

Serves 4, or a hungry couple who would like a few leftovers!


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Artisan Curry kit in upcycled saree pouch - North Indian korma

  • Ingredients (allergens in bold):

    Bag 1 - unsmoked paprika, turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder, curry powder.

    Bag 2 - turmeric, cumin, ground coriander, unsmoked paprika.

    Bag 3 - cinnamon stick, green cardamon, cloves.

    Bag 4 - coconut flour.

    Weight 57g.