Ynys Twca


Anglesey, North Wales


Twca is an old Welsh word for a big knife that was used on farms and in homes for all sorts of purposes. From cutting cheese to animal castrations it was certainly a one knife does it all! In Mid Wales some people still call a bread knife a twca. Internationally a big curved blade for hollowing out bowls or spoons is called a twca cam, cam meaning 'bent or crooked'. The Ynys part comes from the fact that Huw was born and bred on Ynys Môn, the Isle of Anglesey, and that most of the wood that he sustainably harvests for his projects is from around the island. Huw comes from a background of aeronautical engineering which shows in the precision he takes with his work. He then had a stint of teaching before following his real passion of the outdoors and being on the water by becoming a highly skilled and qualified kayak coach, international expedition leader, bush craft and coastal craft instructor. When Huw isn't on the water you'll find him in the woods or in his workshop whittling or carving something! Much of the wood Huw harvests is destined for log piles. He then vacuum-stabilises the wood in his work shop before creating beautiful spoons and tool handles. Where he can he in fills the wood with resin in the recognisable Twca turquoise! Off cuts don't get wasted either, smaller pieces of wood can always be turned into something!