Tinkan Designs


Tinkan Designs


Herefordshire, England


Tinkan Designs is run by Annabel who lives in rural Herefordshire, with her partner Mark, their teenager, dog, cat, and 3 chickens. From a past life Annabel has a degree in Fine Art, more recently a Btec in Blacksmithing and Metalwork, and has always been quite obsessed with recycling! Annabel started Tinkan Designs about 15 years ago, after saving loads of ring-pulls from used drinks cans, with a plan to make ‘something’ with them. It began (& continues) with jewellery, but has also developed over the years into a range of products, using different materials, but always with recycling, re-using, and repurposing at its heart. In addition to ring-pulls Annabel uses a lot of empty nitrous oxide or ‘laughing gas’ canisters, since there are a lot of these about! As many of us Annabel has a big aversion to waste, and especially littering, and there is a huge problem of littering with these ‘noz’ canisters, not only at festivals, but in parks and cities everywhere these days. Shockingly they can’t be recycled either, or at least not very easily (despite being metal), so literally tonnes of them end up in landfill! These canisters, as with the drinks can and the ring-pull, are actually beautiful objects in themselves - they are very cleverly engineered - and yet are immediately discarded, and barely noticed, in our throwaway society. So, Annabel’s aim is to stop at least a few of these things, (as many as one person can anyway!) and some plastics too, from ending up in landfill, (and even the recycling bin, as it takes a lot of energy and resources to recycle commercially), save them and elevate them into something a little bit different, and more interesting!