The Crafty Guillemot


The Crafty Guillemot


Anglesey, North Wales


Lillemor Latham, working under the name of The Crafty Guillemot, creates and explores domestic objects, primarily through ceramic and wood. Making processes are evolved from traditional techniques and are kept as low-impact and ethical as possible. As opposed to a gas kiln, an electric kiln supplied by a green energy provider is used for firings. The kiln used is an 'eco' version, which is built with highly efficient energy-saving 3-layer insulation for firings. All the clay from trimming and failed pots goes through a process of reclamation and is reused. Clay can be reused infinitely pre-firing! All the sponges and brushes used in the glazing process are washed in a bucket. The waste glaze settles at the bottom and is separated out and added to the every changing 'mystery glaze'!