Gull and Buoy


Lincolnshire, England


Emma Pickles is a children’s author who first put pen to paper whilst living by the sea on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey. Inspired by a question from her young daughter, Emma penned the story of Sidney Seagull. Emma’s husband overheard to story one bedtime and suggested printing a few copies for family and friends. In 2013 Emma collaborated with Anglesey’s own British Artist & Illustrator, Susannah Garrod, soon after the first print of ‘Sidney Seagull Starts the Stomp’ rolled off the press and Gull & Buoy Publishing was proudly established. To date Emma has written 3 children’s books, ‘Sidney Seagull Starts the Stomp’, ‘The Famous Fins of Florence Fish’ and ‘The Curious Case of Claudius Crab’. All 3 books celebrate difference, diversity and inclusion and deliver their subtle moral message to the young reader through delightful rhyming verse and charming illustrations