Ffion Roberts-Drakley


Ffion Roberts-Drakley


Anglesey, North Wales


Ffion is a fine artist who was lucky enough to grow up on Anglesey where she found herself being hugely inspired by art and the natural world around her. Ffion has worked with a lot of different art media, including print making and even makeup-prosthetics but the one that really stuck with her was painting. The main material that she paints on is slate. Ffion loves the texture and the way the paint takes to the slate. She forages the landscape for the pieces of slate on which to paint, looking for the perfect shape. Ffion enjoys repurposing waste slate into something beautiful to be enjoyed by others. Ffion tries to keep the environment in mind when packaging her work, seeking out biodegradable and compostable options when possible, and all of her prints are produced on recycled paper. Away from painting Ffion has two beautiful little girls that keep her on her toes, and a very supportive husband who has encouraged her to follow her dreams of being a full-time artist.